Toolmaking & Engineering in Wilsdruff near Dresden

On March 1, 1980 the company „Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau Peter Wennrich“ was founded in Kesselsdorf. Since November 1, 2009 the family business is continued in second generation. A Ltd. was founded, whereas the original business „Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau Peter Wennrich“ still exists. Here you find a detailed company history. Our company „Geschwister Wennrich GmbH” is certified in according to ISO 9001:2015.

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We are your professional partner for:

Technology – Our Machinery


CNC-Machining center:

2100x720x1200mm (vertical)

2100x1000x1400mm (horizontal)

2 CNC-Machining center (1x with 4th axis):


CNC-Machining center:


CNC-Machining center:


Grob 5ax Universal-Machining center:

Working distances in X, Y and Z axis in mm: 600/770/805

Feedrate max in X, Y and Z axis in m per min: 65/42/90

Accuracy (ISO230-2 from 15.03.2006) Two-sided position uncertainty in X, Y and Z axis in mm: 0.006

Two-sided repeat accuracy of positioning A in X, Y and Z axis in mm: 0.004

CNC-Milling machine:


G550 5-axis Universal-Machining center:

Working travels in X-/Y‘-/Z-axis (mm): 800/1,020/970

Max. speeds in X-/Y‘-/Z-axis (m/min): 65/50/80

Positioning accuracy in X-/Y‘-/Z-axis (mm): 0.006


CNC-lathe (with driven tools):

300×600 mm

CNC-lathe (chuck-machine 42mm):

250×500 mm

Cycle Turning lathe:

406×1000 mm

Cycle Turning lathe:

600×1800 mm

Conventional Turning machine:

up to 630×1000 mm


AGIE Wire-Cut Electrical Discharge machine (water bath):

Traverse: 550x350x400 mm Component may be larger than the travel and weigh a maximum of 300 kg.

Sinking EDM machine AGIE-Intigral II:

Buildt 1997


Face grinding:

800×400 mm


Toggle lever press:

up to 160 Tons

Hydraulic press:

up to 25 Tons


40 Tons


Welding equipment:

up to 360 Ampere